ITEICO Investment Holdings Group which is a holding company incorporated in the UAE (Dubai Govt.) by virtue of a license Issued by Department of Economic Development under the no.544034 on 13/4/2003 and wide the commercial register no. (62347) and a member in Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the no. (D&B D-U-N-S ®: 56 143-3970), we list you below a profile of our company specialised in the field of investment activities approved by Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


We strive hard to acquire the latest technologies in the field of Green Buildings and to construct the biggest residential city in the Middle East and Arabian Gulf Area run by Solar Energy, designed by joint, very modern which serves the ambition of citizens and country.


We have a continuous plan to construct the most latest technological complex comprising of four diverse modern industrial complexes depending on latest achievements of science in the field of technical industries in the twenty first century that are characterized with highly developed international technical specifications and some of them shall be a complementary of Joint European-American Industries. These industries are the following:


  1. * Emirates Technical Industries Complex
  2. * Basalt Metal Fiber Industry
  3. * Green Energy Generation Projects
  4. * Used Tire Recycle Factory


The local and international consulting evolutions refer that the initial cost of the project shall exceed (1) billion dirham i.e. more than three hundred ($300M) million dollars. Therefore, such project will support the national economy and form the shining point on the way to achieve the proper development and construction.

Mission & Vision


To build affordable faster, safer & eco friendly building to home owners builders developers & communities.


To become Market leader in Green Building Construction in the MENA Region

Chairman Message

An ITEICO, we believe that high performers of the future in Construction will be defined, by how well they have responded to the opportunities—and challenges—presented by the sustainability agenda. Keeping it in mind we provide our dedicated services in green energy and green building solutions.

We recently signed the strategic partnership agreement with Eco-Block ICF Wall system and We are proud that we are going to the the first to manufacture insulated concrete forms in UAE market, ICF’s are revolutionizing the global building industry for homes and multi-family dwellings as well as commercial, institutional, and industrial developments.

We are in discussion with green building consultants and technology companies around the world to provide the best green building products such as Solar, Wind Power high efficiency air conditioners in the local market.

We appreciate your interest in our company, its products and its people.

Thank you.
Mohammed Jawad Sh. Jawad
Team Member

Mohammed Jawad Sh. Jawad



We are aware that the preservation of our resources of energy will be one of the greatest challenges on the path towards sutainable development which cannot be achieved without the adoption of all segments of the society to the principles of energy concervations within their core values and that the future generations are the biggest beneficiaries of these achievements and are the best to evaluate what we will achieve in this field.

H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

Hand in Hand, let us pave the way for a sustainable energy generation… invest in an inspiring form of energy….

Our commitment to excellence always makes us going the extra mile to provide green technology products and development that exceed expectations. We are here in pleased to present to y ou an outcome of intensive research and successful tests from world-class laboratories in South Korea, Russian Council of Science and Technology, Moscow State academy of fine chemical technology and university of Tajikistan… a revolutionary photovoltaic energy system, the Solarina Bundle PEC Solar Technology, Accordingly, we are now in the process of completing our preparations to begin the manufacturing of the Bundle Photovoltaic Energy Converter (PEC) in the United Arab Emirates.

One major expert of the research showed that the production of electricity of an area of one square meter of photovoltaic cells can reach 2600 watts compared to conventional solar cells presently available in the world can only produce 200 wats. Greatly indicating an impressive 13 times increase in production of the same area.

In reference to the promoted price for production of one watt currently at US$1.2 given that the price of the solar panel is US$225 for an area of not less than 1.7 square meters, we are confident that our proposed price or watt per square meter, which we now, preparing to produce, is at a rate of US$0.5 only enormously reducing the space needed for power generation by 13 times—less.

At SOLARINA, we believe that we can be one with humanity in their dream for an accessible clean and renewable source of energy…. And our vision extends with the introduction of our full and complete plan to manufacture power generators, operate power plants with small to medium productivity all based on the same technology with the highest efficiency, surpassing any modern technology.

Standard classification of Economic Actives Department of Economic Development Dubai chamber of commerce & industry Dubai united Arab Emirates.


Standard Classification of Economic

Group 659 : other Financial & Monetary Institutions
6599: Other Financial Institutions N. E.C

6599-01 Commercial Holding & Trust Companies Includes firms and holding companies formed in order to invest their funds through the establishment of subsidiary firms which carry out various commercial activities, besides other investments or shareholdings in commercial enterprises. This also includes the management of such subsidiary companies and the organization of their affairs.

6599-02 Industrial Holding & Trust Companies Includes firms and holding companies formed in order to invest their funds through the establishment of subsidiary firms which carry out various i9ndustrial, extraction or converting activities, or by the investment of their funds through the shareholding in such projects. This also includes the management of such subsidiary companies and the organization of their affairs.

6599-03 Agricultural Holding & Trust Companies. Includes firms and holding companies formed in order to invest their funds or create the necessary investments for the establishment of subsidiary projects, which carry out agricultural activities and other subsidiary activities, such as land reclamation, establishment of agricultural projects, cattle, sheep and chicken farms, as well as the marketing of agricultural crops and investment in fish and sea animal resources. This also includes the management of such subsidiary companies and the organization of their affairs.

6599-04 Banking Liaison Office includes offices established in the Emirate of Dubai and managed by any of the international foreign banks. They are intended to promote the activates of the major banks existing in the fatherland country or those of any of their branches. They are also assigned to facilitate contacts between the concerned banks and their clients

6599-05 Bank Brokers Includes firms which buy and sell local and foreign currencies deposited with local and foreign banks and financial institutions. Their activities are limited to brokerage to conclude deals in the favor of third parties.

6599-07 Financial Market Includes firms specialized in regulating financial market operations and services, listing bonds and shares in the market, licensing brokers and dealers and supervise their activities, impose regulatory measures on the exchange, conduct inspection on brokers, etc.

6599-08 Real Estate Holding & Trust Companies Includes holding companies formed with a prime role of creating and developing property projects, across residential, commercial and tourist sectors, also, to develop infrastructure that offer luxury lifestyle. Such projects are then offered for sale on private ownership bases.


Group Companies

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Thermo Star Contracting Company L.L.C is specialized in green building contracting as Dubai Government rules and regulations in Green Buildings.
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ITEICO Green House investments L.L.C is specialized in manufacturing and importing of Green Building products in the local market from around the world.
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